HUD Technical Assistance

C-FACTS plays an essential role as part of the CDBG-CV technical assistance teams, providing expertise in critical areas of the program. Here are some key contributions and capabilities that C-FACTS brings to these teams:

Expertise in CV Program Requirements:

  • C-FACTS possesses in-depth knowledge of the Community Development Block Grant - Coronavirus (CDBG-CV) program requirements.
  • Our team understands the intricacies and nuances of the program, ensuring that technical assistance provided aligns with its specific guidelines.

Financial and Grants Management:

  • We excel in financial and grants management, offering valuable insights and guidance to ensure proper fiscal oversight and accountability.
  • Our expertise includes compliance with 2 CFR 200, which is a crucial aspect of managing federal funds effectively.

Compliance and Monitoring:

  • C-FACTS is well-versed in compliance and monitoring processes, helping organizations adhere to program requirements and regulations.
  • Our team can provide guidance on best practices for compliance and monitoring, ensuring that organizations meet their obligations.

Authoring Resources:

  • We have a track record of authoring numerous guides, readiness checklists, and other resources.
  • These resources are designed to assist organizations in navigating the CDBG-CV program and ensuring compliance with 2 CFR 200.

Ask A Question Team Membership:

  • C-FACTS proudly serves as a member of the Ask A Question team, demonstrating our commitment to offering support and guidance to organizations seeking clarity on program-related inquiries.
  • We provide timely and accurate responses to questions, helping organizations make informed decisions.

Click here to view our recent webinar. This session provided a basis in using CDBG-CV funding for activities aimed at preparing for and preventing significant impacts of future pandemics or surges from emerging Coronavirus variants.

C-FACTS' collaboration with HUD CDBG-CV Problem Solving Clinics is a testament to our commitment to supporting grantees in effectively implementing their CDBG-CV grants. Here's how our team contributed to this important initiative:

Range of Support Topics:

  • C-FACTS provided assistance and expertise to grantees across a broad spectrum of topics. This diverse range of support ensured that grantees received guidance on various aspects of their CDBG-CV grants.

Capacity Building and Planning:

  • Our team assisted grantees in planning and building their capacity, laying the groundwork for successful grant implementation.

Housing and Overcoming Barriers:

  • We provided valuable insights into housing-related issues and strategies for overcoming barriers that grantees might encounter.

Facilities and Public Services:

  • C-FACTS offered guidance on facilities-related matters and public service delivery, helping grantees optimize their efforts.

Subrecipient Management and Reporting:

  • We provided expertise in subrecipient management and reporting requirements, ensuring grantees meet their obligations.

Partnerships and Economic Development:

  • Our team facilitated discussions on forming partnerships and promoting economic development within the CDBG-CV framework.

Administration and Funds Committed:

  • We offered support and advice on program administration and effectively committing funds.

Practical Problem Solving:

  • C-FACTS engaged in practical problem-solving with grantees, addressing specific challenges and providing actionable solutions.

This collaborative effort with HUD CDBG-CV Problem Solving Clinics underscores our dedication to assisting grantees in navigating the complexities of the program. C-FACTS' expertise and guidance are instrumental in helping grantees achieve their goals and make a positive impact within their communities through the CDBG-CV grants.

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In summary, C-FACTS brings a wealth of expertise and resources to CDBG-CV technical assistance teams, enabling organizations to effectively manage and navigate the program's requirements. Our commitment to compliance, financial management, and providing guidance underscores our dedication to assisting organizations in achieving their goals within the CDBG-CV framework.