Disaster Recovery TA

The C-FACTS team, a collaborative of small businesses, is proud to be a valuable member of the Community Compass technical assistance team. Our team consists of highly respected, diverse, and inclusive community development practitioners who are committed to delivering high-quality, results-oriented technical assistance and capacity building services to clients across the United States. Here are some key highlights of our team's expertise and accomplishments:

Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion:

  • C-FACTS embraces diversity and inclusivity, with a team composed of multi-disciplined experts from various backgrounds.
  • We are dedicated to promoting small, women-owned, and BIPOC-owned businesses by providing support to help them grow and thrive.

Administrative, Financial, and Compliance Support:

  • Under C-FACTS' leadership, our team offers essential administrative, financial, and compliance support to the Community Compass technical assistance team.
  • Our support ensures that the team operates efficiently and effectively, ultimately benefiting the clients we serve.

Disaster Recovery and Capacity Building Expertise:

  • C-FACTS has extensive experience in guiding disaster recovery efforts and building capacity in communities that have received CDBG-DR (Community Development Block Grant - Disaster Recovery) and CDBG-NDR (Neighborhood Development) funding.
  • We bring a diverse range of experience in working with different geographies, community types, and disaster scenarios.

Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands (USVI):

  • C-FACTS played a pivotal role in both Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands by providing direct technical assistance and capacity building.
  • Our team focused on critical areas such as financial management, compliance, monitoring, internal controls, and recordkeeping.
  • We actively contributed to the development of tools and products, including the USVI Compliance and Monitoring Manual, which aligns with HUD guidelines.
  • Through our efforts, we helped grantees correct over 100 deficiencies in policies, procedures, and internal controls.

Financial Capacity Building:

  • Our team assisted grantees in demonstrating their financial capacity to HUD's CFO office.
  • We designed process maps and standard operating procedures to showcase the recipients' internal controls over HUD funds expenditure.

Accounting System Enhancement:

  • We worked with grantees to establish robust accounting systems that properly track and report CDBG-DR expenditures.
  • This included designing a chart of accounts and utilizing software features such as Yardi and SAP.

Timesheet Design and Manuals:

  • We assisted grantees in designing timesheets aligned with their programs and accounting software, along with user manuals for internal staff and sub-recipients.
  • This streamlined reimbursement processes for personnel and program costs.

Cost Allocation Plan and Training:

  • For the US Virgin Islands, we aided in submitting their first cost allocation plan, which is expected to generate significant CDBG-DR cost reimbursement.
  • Our team conducted multiple training sessions and webinars on various topics, including financial cost principles, compliance, monitoring, and timekeeping.
  • We facilitated group learning and established a live Ask-Anything-Question (AAQ) session to enhance knowledge sharing.

Corporate FACTS is dedicated to making a meaningful impact by providing exceptional technical assistance and capacity building services. Our track record of success in disaster recovery and financial management demonstrates our commitme