Client Informed Data Collection

The partnership between C-FACTS and RKG Associates led to the development and successful implementation of the ESG-CV Subrecipient Expansion Pilot program in Colorado and South Dakota. This program was designed to address the critical issue of homelessness and underhousing, especially among vulnerable populations, in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are the key components and outcomes of this important initiative:

Program Overview:

  • The ESG-CV Subrecipient Expansion Pilot program aimed to prevent or limit the spread of COVID-19 among persons of color and individuals experiencing homelessness.
  • C-FACTS and RKG Associates played integral roles in conducting a comprehensive analysis of geographic areas within Colorado and South Dakota that lacked adequate services and providers to support these vulnerable populations.

Data Analysis and Mapping:

  • The program began with a thorough data analysis, leveraging a variety of data sources, including CoC PIT and HIC data, population composition by race/ethnicity, population density, service provider information, shelter locations, and COVID-19 cases and rates.
  • This data analysis allowed for the identification of concentrations of underrepresented populations and areas where homelessness provider networks and services were insufficient, particularly with a focus on racial and ethnic disparities.

Equity-Driven Approach:

  • The mapping of data revealed overlaps across indicators of inequity, enabling the team to target specific areas where vulnerable populations were concentrated and services were lacking.
  • The program worked closely with each state to allocate funding to these underserved locations and encouraged existing service providers to expand or form partnerships to establish new services.

Outcomes and Impact:

  • In South Dakota, the data analysis led to the creation of an equity-driven pilot program where $1.5 million of the state's ESG-CV funds were designated specifically for Tribal Nations.
  • Five new agencies participated in the pilot program, and the technical assistance team provided training, coaching, and on-site support to help these subrecipients navigate program complexities and requirements.
  • While there were both successes and challenges, the pilot program provided the state with new avenues for collaboration with Tribal groups, fostering greater equity and access to essential services.

The ESG-CV Subrecipient Expansion Pilot program exemplifies the power of data-driven decision-making and targeted allocation of resources to address pressing social issues. C-FACTS and RKG Associates' collaborative efforts made a meaningful impact in ensuring that vulnerable populations received the support and services they needed during a challenging time, with a specific focus on addressing racial and ethnic disparities.