Our Services

Look to C-FACTS for expertise and experience providing customized strategic technical assistance to non-profits and government agencies that rebuild neighborhoods. We financial management services, outsourced CFO services, technical assistance and strategic planning. We are a team of experts working in distressed cities and communities across the country.



Finance and Accounting
C-FACTS is rare among consulting firms involved in non-profit accounting, we bring our extensive financial background to every client’s organization, project and real estate financial challenges we address. Our consultants know the difference between a blue skies plan with unrealistic objectives and a well-defined plan having the financial foundation and investment commitment needed to make it work. This grounding in financial reality results in a strategic plan with a strong likelihood of success. We work with groups at all levels of accounting, from overall strategy to day-to-day processes. We understand the real-world challenges in non-profit accounting with needs that, at times, far exceed available resources. Our consultants help form structure and procedures to help our clients achieve their vision while keeping them fiscally sound and compliant with accounting laws and requirements.
C-FACTS is well known for creating dynamic neighborhood revitalization strategies for non-profits, community development financial institutions, foundations, and public agencies across the country. Clients have retained Corporate F/A/C/T/S/ to engage residents, cities, organizations and others in designing trans-formative neighborhood strategies and building capacity. Look to Corporate F/A/C/T/S/ for strategic counsel to grow your organization and act on your vision.
Training Solutions
Our company has decades of experience as community development practitioners for national organizations such as the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and the Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC). We are a Tier One HUD Community Compass technical assistance provider helping HUD grantees across the country tackle internal management challenges and address difficult neighborhood problems and conditions.
Our Mission

Our mission is to create a path of growth and sustainability for non-profit organizations and government agencies through financial management counsel and impactful investment strategies.

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