Corporate F.A.C.T.S. Vision



"The C-FACTS team values accuracy, excellence and cultural competency..."

— Anika Goss-Foster ED, Detroit Future Cities



Our passion is to create a path of growth and profitability for non-profit organizations and government agencies through financial management counsel and impactful investment strategies.


We strive to create diverse and sustainable communities by providing high-impact financial, strategic and training solutions.



  • Integrity: Our daily conduct demonstrates our honesty, transparency and confidentiality.  We treat our clients in a fair and ethical manner, while building trust through our relationships and actions. 
  • Knowledge: We believe in continued investments in our collective expertise to meet the changing needs of our clients.
  • Service: Customer Value Management is our focus, managing every engagement with the goal of achieving maximum results. We recognize and capitalize on the strengths and skills of our clients, which bolsters/instills confidence and provides sustainability.
  • Leadership: Our consultant are proven leaders in our field; demonstrating our expertise and collaboration with skilled professionals who possess a passion for providing the highest level of quality products to our clients.
  • Diversity: We aim to foster the best possible environment which promotes equality, cooperation and professionalism.