For non-profit and for-profit organizations, Corporate F.A.C.T.S. (C-FACTS) provides services in:

  • Finance

  • Accounting 

  • Consulting

  • Training

  • Solutions

Hence the acronym F.A.C.T.S.


C-FACTS is a strategic planning and financial advisory firm helping clients build strong, vibrant communities.  We specialize in neighborhood investment planning, organizational program design and assessment, real estate financing and financial management. 


Our Journey

Started in 2002 by our President and chief consultant, Michelle Bush, C-FACTS is a minority and woman-owned firm.  Our journey began by working alongside grass roots organizations in Detroit seeking to intervene in the decline of their neighborhoods. Today, we are a highly-regarded consulting firm working in the community development industry across the country. Our consultants have assisted HUD and their grantees gauge their impact, evaluate their effectiveness at achieving identified outcomes and design intervention strategies to achieve significant impact.  Consequently, we have a sound grasp on government resources and the innovative approaches that other cities have used to invest limited resources. 

Our Reputation

Our reputation rests largely on our deep appreciation for public-sector finance and sound strategic planning – we are comprised of accomplished and seasoned finance professionals and experienced community development practitioners.  We are well known for creating the infrastructure necessary for government agencies and community development organizations to carry out their mission and effect long-term, sustainable change. Our firm’s technical assistance and capacity building expertise comes from decades of managing HUD funds and working on complex finance and accounting activities. Our understanding of federal cost principles and financial management systems is applicable to all HUD programs and grantees.

Our Values

We strongly believe that community investments cannot be made in a vacuum but must be made in concert with other neighborhood stabilization activities to effect community change. Each city, county and state agency must create its own vision to strengthen its neighborhoods and organizational partners.  Our team helps create and design strategies to realize those locally-defined visions. We have the expertise, commitment, and skills needed to help our clients respond effectively to the challenges their communities face.


Growth and Profitabilty

We assist in constructing paths of growth and profitabilty through financial management counsel and impactful investment strategies.