City of Detroit

Administrative Oversight of Programs

Working directly for the new Mayor, Michelle Bush assembled a team of twelve experts and embedded consulting staff to turnaround the City’s troubled Housing Department. The engagement started with a needs analysis to identify the challenges that were impeding progress in the CDBG, HOME, ESG and NSP programs. The TA included data analysis, new program design, training and capacity building of staff, and improvements to the financial and administrative infrastructure of the department.

Accomplishments and Outcomes:

  • Identified $20 million in idle CDBG funds that were reprogrammed to productive use. Reconciled IDIS and DRGR balances to internal financial records for over $135 million in HUD funds. Restructured a troubled HOME portfolio which stabilized and preserved over 1,000 affordable housing units.
  • Created information management systems to track progress at the division, program and project levels to monitor performance of sub-recipients and City staff. Provided the infrastructure for the City to meet the CDBG expenditure timeliness test for the first time in four years.
  • Designed a new CDBG-funded home repair program that leveraged $4 million in private capital. Over 1,000 Detroiters applied in the first six months; over 400 applications were approved in the first year.
  • Provided counsel and advice to Mayor Duggan on better utilization of HUD funds which leveraged over $15 million in private and philanthropic capital for home repair, economic development and neighborhood improvement initiatives in one year. Created a Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy using data analysis to drive investments and attract resources to target areas.
  • Conducted training on a variety of topics including Basically CDBG, HOME, Compliance and Monitoring, NSP and financial management cost principles. Significantly improved administration of HUD funds in areas such as sub-recipient management, demolition, record keeping, financial reconciliation and reporting, and compliance and monitoring.


"C-FACTS consultants have provided expert advice on HUD rules and regulations, worked closely with our staff and partners to create an innovative Home Repair Loan Program, strengthened our financial management systems and established the platform for NSP compliance."
— Arthur Jemison, Director, Housing and Revitalization Department for the City of Detroit