Building Sustainable Communities


Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC)

Over the last ten years, Corporate F.A.C.T.S. helped LISC design and implement their Building Sustainable Communities (BSC’s) initiative to create stakeholder driven Quality of Life (QOL) plans in cities across the U.S. These plans embraced the concepts of comprehensive community development aligning resources and neighborhood capacity with resident identified priorities to create realistic strategies. 

Diverse stakeholder participation was essential for creating a sustainable plan that would be implemented and supported by those involved in the planning process.  C-FACTS facilitated stakeholder visioning sessions, surveys, focus groups and interviews with residents and community-based organizations from targeted neighborhoods. The planning also included civic, philanthropic, public and business leaders that finance community development to ensure plans had the resources necessary for implementation.    The vision and ideas from the civic engagement work lay the foundation for the QOL plans C-FACTS created in partnership with neighborhood leaders.

To further support the planning process, C-FACTS developed capacity building strategies for BSC organizations to implement the QOL plans. The capacity building initiatives focused on leadership development, communications, cross neighborhood collaborations, public policy and financial sustainability. All the strategies were informed through data analysis and availability of resources to implement plans.

Project Outcomes

  • C-FACTS created an investment briefing book for the Detroit Central Woodward cluster of neighborhoods that attracted millions in new investments including over $10 million of NSP funds for the historic Boston Edison neighborhood, $3 million for broadband adoption, $1 million for safety management and $2 million for streetscape improvements.
  • The community vision was implemented and resulted in a nationally recognized Byrne Criminal Justice Innovation Program (BCJI), more early childhood educational resources to Grand/Woodward and renovation of New Center Park. 
  • Other financing for our plans include an $18 million Choice Neighborhoods grant in Cincinnati, $7 million to continue investments in five St. Paul NSP targeted neighborhoods and over $1 million to implement a capacity building program in Milwaukee.

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