Donna Everson

Donna is a Program Consultant with 25 years’ experience providing award winning grant administration, contract management precision and sustainable fiscal responsibility. Donna is proficient at developing 5-Year Consolidated / Strategic Plans for the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development, increasing funding base and revenue through transitioning State Small City Grantees into HUD Entitlement Grantees, and creating HOME Consortiums. She has experienced both sides of working within two different Continuum of Care Programs: both as a government official and as a CoC participating member. Donna was the Chief Operations Officer of an organization providing permanent supportive housing to homeless individuals and families, and to those suffering with chronic and persistent mental illness. As head of operations, she was responsible for the management of a portfolio of affordable housing properties, as well as coordinating successful Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) affordable housing development proposals.

While serving as a Community Development Administrator, Donna worked to establish and implement a county-wide Landbank as well as created various housing and community development programs and activities. She has facilitated strategic and public meetings through the collaboration of government officials, community leaders, municipal departments, architects, civil engineers, developers, contractors, and residents. Through Donna's tenure as the Community Development Administrator for a HUD Entitlement County, she received two Award of Excellence recognitions.